Theodore “Ted” Corbitt
1919 – 2007
An American Pioneer

Oral History Project

History Project For Athletics Announced

For the disciplines of Track & Field, Long Distance Running (Road Running,
Cross Country Running, and Mountain/Ultra/Trail Running) and Race Walking

An ad-hoc steering group within the athletics community has been meeting periodically by conference call since March, 2010, to develop a plan for preserving the history of our sport.  The group has spent their time during this phase planning what such an effort might involve, and discussing what the end product of the History Project would look like.  They are now reaching out to expand the planning group and involve organizations and individuals who can contribute to the Project.

A Project mission statement has been developed:
“It is our mission to preserve the history and legacy of our sport, so that we might inspire future generations of participants, officials and volunteers, clubs and other organizations, corporations, and fans.”
The goal is to have a central web site from which anyone can research the sport or any one of its disciplines, and find out where to go to find nearly anything of historical importance. In defining the Project, the steering group has tentatively defined “history” as including written documents and publications, pictures, motion picture and video / video digital compilations, oral records, biographies and autobiographies, governance records, organizational election records, international representation and governance, and memorabilia (trophies, medals, plaques, event programs, event results, and annuals).

There are many groups on a long list of organizations who are being invited to name “historians” if they have not already done so, and it is hoped that each of those individuals will be a part of the Project.
One area of urgent interest to the steering committee is gathering oral histories of the sport’s “elder statesmen and women.”  Many opportunities have been lost over the years as famous athletes in and contributors to the sport have died.  In most cases, no oral record of their involvement was gathered before their passing.

Once established, a working group will meet to – as best as possible – complete the definitions and terms above, to flesh out this method and propose a shared budget to the various entities.  Although the sport is highly inter-related, it may be that members of the group wish to specialize in or focus on a particular segment of the sport, such as long distance running or road event certification or the hammer throw, or of a particular organization.

There will be several subcommittees established under the History Project, or as part of each entity which signs on to support the project.  Some of the subcommittees will deal with recording and preserving oral history, photographic records, halls of fame, competitive results (probably within each organization, then linked through a catalogue), and annual and other major governance meetings.

For more information on the Project, contact Gary Corbitt at, Jean Knaack at, Tim Reed at, or Bill Roe at

Road Runners Club of America

RRCA History Project
RRCA History
RRCA Hall of Fame
Long Distance Log Archive (1956 – 1975)

RRCA Women Pioneers of Running
Oral History Project:

The RRCA is taking an important step to ensure that future generations will be able to research the pioneering accomplishment of the women runners. 2008 Olympian Amy Begley has been hired to manage the collection of oral history of the women listed below.

Jennifer Aviles
Pat Barrett
Gayle Barron
Sara Mae Berman
Marilyn Bevans
Mary Etta Boitano Blanchard
Julia Chase Brand
Carolyn McDonald Briski
Julie Brown
Grace Butcher
Lyn Carman
Eileen Waters Connolly
Toshiko D' Elia
Cindy Dalrymple
Patti Catalano Dillon
Jacqueline Dixon
Marjorie Fish
Vickie Foltz
Henley Gabeau
Roberta Bobbi Gibb
Donna Gookin
Jacqueline Hansen
Diane Hawkins
Janet Heinonen
Doris Brown Heritage
Lena Hollmann
Donna Hudson
Judy Ikenberry
Marion Irvine
Julie Isphording
Sandra Kiddy
Nina Kuscsik
Francie Larrieu
Merry Lepper
Patricia Loveland
Shirley Matson
Chris McKenzie
Carolyn McLatchie
Kim Merritt
Lorraine Moller
Jane Muhrke
Arlene Pieper
Leal - Ann Reinhart
Charlotte Lettis Richardson
Valerie Rogosheske
Joan Benoit Samuelson
Betty Scandurra
Marcy Schwam
Kathrine Switzer
Ann Trason
Cheryl Bridges Treworgy
Joan Ullyot
Priscilla Welch
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